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Complete Gate Valves and Replacement Parts for McEvoy, Cameron, WKM, etc


 McEvoy  the world's tightest valve

have two lives. Many years of actual  experience have proved conclusively  that  after McEvoy valves have performed  full,  satisfactory service lives, over 80%  can be  turned around in the line without  repairs  and give second full live of  service.

  You need only two wrenches  to give a McEvoy valve a second "life".


 Cameron Type FC gate Valves, and repl. parts are available in 2,000 psi to 15,000 psi and bore size from 2 1/16" to 4 1/16" all trims for manual and hydraulic actuated.

WKM Gate valves Model "M" and M-1, Valves are provides superior service at minimum cost.

Complete valve are available and repl. parts

Large variety of Replacement Parts for API 6A Gate valve and Choke



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